Trip Reports

Reading trip reports is a highlight of running this website. Each hiker interprets the trail in a unique way. We invite you to spend some time hiking along with others. If you have hiking journal and want it linked here send us the link.

Of course, the content is the expression of the authors. Linking here does not imply an endorsement of political and religious opinions, nor the accuracy or reliability of any information. 

Above: View from Mount Aminadav on the new Jerusalem section of the Israel National Trail, with the ancient farming terraces around the village of Battir seen in the distance.


Chris Hillier – Wolverine Hikes

Chris Hillier's INT hike began in late March 2017 and is ongoing now. Keep up with his latest blog posts here!

Bex – The Ordinary Adventurer – Walking Israel

Bex from Basingstoke, UK, recently completed a 52-day, 1020-km hike on the Israel National Trail. Her site includes a comprehensive list of needed items as well as the planning process for a thru-hiking the Shvil Yisrael, and dozens of beautiful photos and descriptions of the experience.

Expert Vagabond – One Week on the INT

We don't usually feature short trips, but this website is extraordinary. The photographs are professional, and the selection of locations gives you a good sense of the variety of landscapes along the trail. 

Julian Bender – A Day-by-Day Trip Report

Julian Bender's comprehensive overview of the trail


Chuck Norris and Tigger

2011 Israel National Trail Journal

Rabbi Barry Leff

A continuing journal of his INT hike, a section at a time

Maoz Inon

2004 Israel National Trail Journal. Maoz is the founder of  the Fauzi Azar Inn in Nazareth.

Matt King

Acorn's 2008 Israel National Trail Journal


Travel Blog of a 2010 hike. "Is it possible to hike in my own language?"


2011 Israel National Trail Journal

Kevin Pearson

2007 Israel National Trail Journal by "Dandylion"

Rabbi Jonathan Kligler

Detailed description of  hiking a section of the Israel National Trail

Greg & Bev Wootton

Holy Land Walk of Faith's 2005 Israel National Trail Journal