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On this page we will provide links to articles which give a quick overview of the Israel National Trail, as well as links to the most comprehensive guides available in print. We will also provide links on this page and on the "Trip Reports" page to articles which should be useful in trip planning. This list of resources in English is updated frequently, and we invite you to submit information that will be helpful to other English-speaking hikers.

(Above: Roman aqueduct in pasture near Caesarea.)


Articles: a quick overview of the Israel National Trail

Ynetnews: Hiking the Israel National Trail

A good quick overview of what to expect, with recommendations for the best time to hike certain sections.

Yeti Thru Hikes - Israel National Trail
Videos, and brief descriptions of many areas. This is a good summary of the contrast between industrialized Israel and the INT.

The English-language Facebook page for the Israel National Trail

This page now features changes in the trail, with map references and photos. It's a good planning resource. 

The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel: Israel National Trail
In the past this link went to a good history of the INT. Now it is a different link to what seems to be a rewritten and simplified page with little detail. I'm not sure what is happening here. I particularly liked the old page with the description of how Avraham Tamir hiked the Appalachian Trail and was inspired to create the Israel National Trail. That has disappeared from here, but information on Tamir and INT history can be found on this page.


The most helpful forum to visit is This is the closest equivalent AT hikers will find to forums such as WhiteBlaze and Trail Talk, and is the most helpful hiking forum in English I could find in Israel.

Other resource pages on this website

Also see the "Trip Preparation" page for another English-language forum.
Some of your best advice will come from trip reports from other hikers. If you have a report to add to that section, contact me.


Hike the Land of Israel: Israel National Trail - Third Edition (2016)

If you are planning to hike the INT, we recommend that you purchase this book. 

The guide includes 55 topographical maps (1:50,000), 7 road maps (1:250,000),  and description and maps (1:15,000) of the Jerusalem Trail. 
All the maps are in English. It contains also a description of the hike in both southbound and northbound directions (northbound from Eilat to Tel Aviv.)

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Walk the Land

"Walk the Land" is particularly helpful in describing the southern portion of the trail, the route through the Negev. After Arad the authors stay in the homes of friends and families, slack-packing the trail that is north of the desert. This option will not be open to most visitors.

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